Benefits Of Outdoor Play

Posted by Mudpies on 22nd Nov 2014

Benefits Of Outdoor PlayThere are many benefits of outdoor play for children. Not only is it fun for children, but at a time when child obesity rates are at an all time high and children are spendi … read more

Why Choose Wooden Toys

Posted by Mudpies on 31st Aug 2014

Why Choose Wooden ToysNatural wooden toys have many advantages over plastic mass-produced products. Their eco-friendly nature means that their crafting is far easier on the planet. They are safer, … read more
Gluten Free Playdough Recipe

Gluten Free Playdough Recipe

Posted by Mudpies on 2nd Aug 2014

Gluten Free Playdough RecipeFor people with gluten allergies or Celiac disease it can be difficult to find recipes since things like wheat are not allowed. Even the playdough bought in stores contains … read more

Kidkraft Toys

Posted by Mudpies on 2nd Aug 2014

Kidkraft ToysA little about Kidkraft Toys that we sell online at Kidkraft goal is to inspire children with the power of their imagination through unique and creative heirloom qu … read more