Why Choose Wooden Toys

Posted by Mudpies on 31st Aug 2014

Why Choose Wooden Toys

Natural wooden toys have many advantages over plastic mass-produced products. Their eco-friendly nature means that their crafting is far easier on the planet. They are safer, being made without possibly toxic chemicals. They last far longer than other types of toys while providing unparalleled imagination development.

Greater Educational Potential

Many modern toys are designed to be quite linear in play. They do not inspire a child to use their imagination. Instead the toy suggests just one line of play, and of course the parent must buy the other parts of the set!

Wooden toys are made with a different goal then encouraging more purchases. They are designed to help children develop their fine motor skills, gross motor skills and spatial awareness. These toys allow a child to solve problems on their own, instead of having the solution handed to them. Finally, many wooden toys teach colour and shape recognition in an natural play oriented fashion.

The classic wooden block set can teach a child how to build up a tower, balancing one block on the other. If the set is colourful, then the child will learn their colours. If the set has the traditional letters, number and shapes on it, a child will learn to recognize and even spell or do sums with these durable toys.

Help Your Child Develop to Their Fullest Potential

Child development experts all agree that open-ended play is the best way to help a child develop a vibrant and active imagination. Open-ended play is a type of playtime where a child determines the course of the fun, not the toy. The single toy is focused upon, and with imagination, becomes any prop that the child needs for his or her play.

Wooden toys offer the perfect blank canvas on which a child can cast their own inner world. With simple shapes and a lack of commercialized images a child will turn their battery free wooden toys into whatever interests them at the moment. Wooden blocks become a tower one minute a train the next or perhaps they are now a fleet of pirate ships! These are toys that do not constrain the imagination with what they 'should' be. Instead they allow the child to decide what they will play today.

The focusing effect of imaginative open-ended play has another benefit for your child. If a child plays with typical single use toys they tend to play with each toy less, and in an almost sporadic fashion. A child playing with a wooden toy will focus for a longer period of time. This allows a child to develop their ability to focus on a single task.

Greater Safety

It seems that season cannot go by without some new danger being discovered in modern plastic toys. In some cases it is the plastics themselves that the toys are made of that are dangerous. In other cases the paints are poisonous or the toy can break into small and deadly pieces. It is truly frightening to consider these facts.

Way too many modern toys come from places with lax standards for an item that your child will put into his mouth. Wooden toys are made of just wood. Many times the maker and seller are the same person. They will use child-safe paints or waxes to finish their creations.

A Toy for the Generations

A wooden toy is a tough toy. Made with sturdy hardwood and stained or painted with child-safe colours, a wooden toy can stand up to the roughest playtime. Even better, with a little TLC and proper storage, your child's grandchildren can cut their teeth on the same toys as their grandparent did, all those years ago.

Simply treat your child's wooden toy with food grade beeswax from time to time and store in a cool dry place when not at play. These simple steps will turn your purchase into an heirloom for generations.

Better For The Environment

Plastic production creates a lot of waste. Plus, most plastics are made from oil. This resource must be pulled from the Earth. Fewer plastics produced means that less oil is used.

Wooden toys can with care last for generations. A plastic toy is designed to wear out in a few years. Once that happens it will be sent to a landfill. Plastic does not degrade in the way that natural materials do. It will spend hundreds of years, if not longer, in that landfill. Wooden toys come from a renewable resource, will last for years without breaking and are biodegradable when their useful lifetime is over. They are the more responsible choice.

Some select wooden toys for their safety or for their enhanced ability to develop life-long skills. Other parents base their choice on other factors. Either way, rest assured that a wooden toy is a great choice for your child.