Dear Little Letterbox Pink

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This Dear Little Letterbox in Pink is the perfect toy for encouraging enthusiastic writers to tap into their creative writing side. They can let their imaginations fly free while writing letters to whomever they desire to write letters to, whether it be you, their grandparents, their friends, Santa, the tooth fairy or the Easter Bunny. Even the reluctant writers can become excited to write with the right tools in place. This letterbox is both a toy and a tool for you and your child use together.

Having their own little mailbox to send and receive letters fosters a real excitement in children because there is nothing like receiving an old-fashioned letter with hand-drawn illustrations and original handwriting, rather than a staid and plain-looking typed up letter.

Even though this may be a toy, it still can be an excellent tool to encourage your child to work on their handwriting, as well as assist them in creating coherent thoughts and articulating them clearly on paper. Writing on paper also encourages your child to illustrate their thoughts as well, unlike computers and technology, which often limits your child to simply writing out thoughts.

Also, think about how please you will be when your child's teacher comments on his or her ability to communicate effectively through their writing! And all this can come from one simple toy. It will be an exciting toy for your and your child to share as your child finds delight in writing, and you find delight in seeing their intellectual capabilities grow through play time. There is nothing like watching a child's mind explore the world through the writing process. It is tangible proof that they are steadily progressing into creative and articulate human beings.

In order to further assist your child in their fun and intellectual growth, your child's Dear Little Letterbox in Pink comes conveniently packaged with a notepad, coloured pencils, a sharpener, little envelopes, sticker set and wall mounting supplies. This Dear Little Letter Box is definitely a fun and inspiring way to engage your child to be creative with drawing, colouring, and decorating, all while learning more about words and the writing process.

The size of the Dear Little Letterbox Pink is 13.2cm long x 14cm wide x 16.5cm high, making it convenient for a desktop or tabletop in your child's playroom.

This Dear Little Letterbox is suitable for children 3 years old and up.