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Our toys are made to be Natural and Simple


Discoveroo toys are designed to encourage more Creative Play. They stir up the imagination but the outcomes are not predetermined. This leaves the child to explore the possibilities and develop their mind.

Our toys are always Natural and Simple. For young children, seeing how a toy works is an important part of understanding the world. The natural materials stimulate the senses in a way that processed materials cannot.

Almost all of our toys are designed in-house and where necessary, we work with local artists to develop graphics. We are proud to be the appointed wooden toy brand for several well known Australian Preschool licenses including Play School, Giggle and Hoot and the Wiggles. These products can be purchased on this site also. 

Our products are sold all over the world. We source our products from carefully selected manufacturers in China. These factories have ICTI certification to demonstrate their safe and fair work practices. We also visit the facilities frequently.

We work hard with them to ensure that strict quality and safety criteria are met. The products are tested for all the markets they are sold in. Our standards exceed the toughest safety standards in the world. Because all aspects of our products are tested, not just the coatings, you can be sure they are safe. And because they are abuse tested against the toughest standards, you know they will last.