Djeco Leo's Shopkeeper

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This Djeco Leo's Shopkeeper toy set, your child will be able to hours of fun and imaginative play with siblings or friends. Children of all ages love to play shopkeeper and pretend like they are going shopping! This set has all a child could want when playing shopkeeper at a grocery store. It includes a cash register, a blackboard sign, two boxes of fruit and vegetable, as well as shopping bags for your little shoppers to carry their goods back home. The blackboard could be used to post today's special sales on the board, as well as opening and closing times, perhaps decorating it with a little artwork in the process for a personal touch.

"So, what would you like to buy today?" The question is posed by one person to the other, a thoughtful look crossing the shopper's face. And the scene goes on as the two interact with one another. Imagine this taking place in your child's play room as you watch with delight at the interaction between children, rather than between your child and a computer screen.

The easy setup of the stand allows for your child to arrange the items within this set any way they like to suit their personal visions of what their shop should look and how to best present their goods to their shoppers. It encourages your child's creativity and imagination to develop as they adjust their play to suit their fantasies of being a shopkeeper. The Djeco Leo's shopkeeper is definitely one of those wooden toys for the playroom because it encourages children to develop their skills at interacting with others, imagining creative ways to set up shop and run a successful business. 

This wooden toy set is made from wood with a fabric canopy, while the fruit and vegetables are made from quality soft textured plastics. This toy was designed in France. The dimensions are 43cm height, 41cm width, and 23cm in depth.

Includes -Fruit & Veg stand, Cash Register, Blackboard, 2 x Crates, 12pcs Fruit & Veg, 2 x Shopping Bags.

The Djeco Toy Leo's Shopkeeper is suitable for children 4 years old and up.

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