Kaper Kidz Robot Wooden 7pc Musical Set

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A gorgeous 7 piece wooden robot musical instrument set from Kaper Kidz. This set would be a great way to teach kids about rhythm, sounds and have some fun at the same time! High quality & hand painted set. 

This is a traditional seven piece kaper kidz musical instrument set. It is a hand-painted toy instrument set and is made to last for your musical kids. Your kids will play for hours on this wonderfully hand crafted musical kids toy. As an added bonus this superb wooden musical toy instrument set  has a wooden storage box so you can take it anywhere.

Great Toys such as these hardly come in this variety anymore. This will bring back the musical kid in you. If you are looking for a great gift for your kids, this set is perfect for your children’s imagination and creativity.  Your kids will want to make new music every day with this great traditional toy. Your kids can play along with their favorite songs with this terrific musical instrument set.

This Kaper Kidz Robot Musical set includes:

  • •   2 Maracas ( 19 cm L)
  • •   Bell Shaker( 19.5 cm)
  • •   Tambourine ( 14.5cm D)
  • •   Xylophone with Mallet ( 27cm L)
  • •   2 Castenets (5.5 cm D)
  • •   Wooden Storage Box

Bring out your musical kids creativity for hours of play on this new toy set. It’s nontoxic and great for young kids in helping them to start learning music. Many great musicians started out playing on sets just like this one. Studies now show that musical instruments are a great educational toy. Musical instruments help improve memory and organizational skills for children ages 3 and older. Studies also show that playing music with musical instruments enhances coordination and helps with mathematical ability.

This is a beautiful musical set is suitable for children 3 years +

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