Kaper Kidz Wooden Train Set in Carry Case

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For all you parents out there who struggle with packing up and bringing toys that your children love around with you on trips out of the house, whether they are errands or vacation, and your children are not happy with a limited amount of toys, why not get a toy that is sure to keep them happy and occupied for awhile by getting them the Kaper Kidz Wooden Train Set in Carry Case? It will make it easier for you to pack up this set and bring with you on the road for the child that just loves playing with trains!

This 18 piece set includes two carriages, an engine, eight track pieces, two animals, people and signal signs for your child to set up however they like, and they all fit in a nice colorful tin case. This wooden toy is perfect for play at home or out with friends since it is so easy to pack up to store in a playroom after your child is done playing with it, or pack it up and carry it with you wherever you and your child go together. Is your child one of those kids who just loves to always have a train or a car with them? Well here is a handy solution to never losing that precious vehicle again! Take the entire set with you so that your child will have the variety of vehicles and items to entertain them.

Imagine your child's look of delight as you pull out this wooden train set on vacation! Or imagine their pleasure in knowing that they can always have a toy that they love with them wherever they go because it will be easy for you, as the parent, to pack it up and take it with you. Having toys such as these ensures that your child will learn how to assemble and play with toys on their own, rather than just play on an electronic device all day, furthering their imagination and physical capabilities by keeping them physically engaged as they make the train run around the track.

This Kaper Kidz wooden toy is suitable for children ages 3 and up.

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