Kidkraft Every Heroes Wooden Play Set 28pc

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The Kidkraft Everyday Heroes Wooden Play Set is an awesome way for your child to learn about real heroes and what they do as they play with this wooden toy. Your child will get to play, as well as save the day with this set! This Kidkraft toy is a venue for your child to imagine themselves as real-life heroes!

Do you have a child who loves to pretend to run around as a fireman or a policeman? Have you ever wished for the perfect toy to teach them about what it's like to actually be a fireman or policeman? Well, here is the toy for you and your child. As your teach them about these noble careers, your child can pretend to answer calls and save the day!

Your children will love to play with this set! If you have boys, this toy was designed as a boy's toy, but all children will love to play with this wooden toy. With doors that open and allows for both sides of the toy to be interactive, your child will love to play with this toy with their siblings and friends. It is large enough for many children to play with it all at once.

There are 3 floors to this set, 12 rooms, and 3 rescue vehicles, along with a fire pole for a quick exit from the top floor to the bottom, just like in a real fire station. The vehicles are a fire truck, a motorcycle, and a helicopter. The entire set folds up for quick and easy storage. There is a firefighter and a police officer, and both can be bent and posed to fit the vehicles.

It is a 28 piece set that allows your child to arrange and rearrange the furniture to their liking, depending on what they would like to do that day. It is a set that will inspire your child to perhaps pursue a career as a fireman or a policeman. Imagination is the first stage in many careers.

The goal of Kidkraft is to encourage children to use their imaginations with one of a kind and creative wooden toys and room accessories. These toys are quality made just like their family members before them played with. Kidkraft loves being known as a children's furniture and toy making company and manufacturer that is a leader in their field. This company was created in 1968 and they have been a trendsetter in their field for more than forty years. Everyone at Kidkraft that make the toys takes this role of leadership very seriously. They have a true appreciation and a deep sense of gratitude for all of their wonderful customers that have and continue to purchase all of their wonderful merchandise.

This Kidkraft wooden toy is suitable for children 3 years old and up.


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