Kidkraft Mega Ramp Racing Set

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The Kidkraft Mega Ramp Racing Set is an awesome toy for any of your children who love to play with cars. Boys and girls alike will enjoy sending wooden cars down the ramp and watch the cars fly through the air. They can park their cars in the parking garage, take the car elevator up to the top level, get their mini wooden cars washed, and refuel at gas station. There is even a landing pad for helicopters at the top of this KidKraft Toy. It is everything a child could want when playing with cars, all wrapped into one toy.

The list of features of this awesome wooden toy, besides the obvious racing ramp, include a spiraling ramp that your child could use to push their car up to the top level or let it roll down to the bottom, a traffic light that counts down to let your child know when to let the cars go at the start of race time, an elevator that takes the cars to the various levels. This set also comes with a car wash with moving brushes, five vehicles, and a gas station.

The main attraction of this racing set is the three-level ramp at the center of this toy, launching cars into the air after the cars are sent down the ramp, and activity that your child is sure to love! He or she can have plenty of fun just with this feature alone as they compete with their friends to see whose car can go the farthest or down the ramp the fastest. There is even a feature than allows for your child and their friends to send off the cars at the same time.

After they race, they can refuel their cars at the convenient gas station. Then they can take the elevator or the spiraling ramp up to park their cars in the parking garage. Then the fun can start all over again the next time they want to play with this toy.

The goal of Kidkraft is to encourage children to use their imaginations with one of a kind and creative wooden toys and room accessories. These toys are quality made just like their family members before them played with. Kidkraft loves being known as a children's furniture and toy making company and manufacturer that is a leader in their field. This company was created in 1968 and they have been a trendsetter in their field for more than forty years. Everyone at Kidkraft that make the toys takes this role of leadership very seriously. They have a true appreciation and a deep sense of gratitude for all of their wonderful customers that have and continue to purchase all of their wonderful merchandise.

This Kidkraft Mega Ramp Racing toy is suitable for a child 3 years and up.

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