Le Toy Van



Le Toy Van wooden toys are beautifully painted,

fun to play with and certified safe for kids.


Le Toy Van was set up in 1995 with an intention to produce a range of high quality
painted wooden toys, initially for the UK market, but later distributed all around the world. Early designs included a castle, a doll’s house and a farm, these first Le Toy Van ranges have continued to prosper
to the present day. Positive reception by retailers and the buying public alike led to the forming of
a limited company and the expansion of the product range to include the huge selection of painted
 wooden toys that Le Toy Van produces today. Le Toy Van are now one of the premier painted wooden toy manufactures in the world and are year on year
 continuing to grow, diversify and innovate in the field of painted wooden toys.

Le Toy Van toys are manufactured at an ICTI approved factory based in Indonesia,
the UK based Le Toy Van design and management teams regularly visit to ensure the quality 
of the product and ethical conditions of the workforce.

All Le Toy Van painted wooden toys are designed in the UK at the Le Toy Van head
 office in Surrey. The highly experienced design team strive to create the innovative
 and colourful style that Le Toy Van toys are acclaimed for. Many of their designs have
g one on to receive awards from nationally.

Le Toy Van use responsibly sourced materials to create their toys including rubber wood
 from replanted forests. Every care is taken to ensure an ethical process, from the sourcing of
 materials to the conditions of the workforce.

Le Toy Van painted wooden toys are fully safety tested for ages 36 months and up by accredited 
safety testing organizations around the world.

We hope your child enjoys Le Toy Van painted toys as much as we have enjoyed designing these wonderful toys.

Le Toy Van