Lichee Toys Block Set 32pcs

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Lichee Toys Block Set (BL02). 32 assorted pieces with bark on. Comes in a cotton calico bag. Designed with Waldorf Steiner education principles in mind. A natural recycled timber block set in assorted shapes & sizes, which is ideal for imaginative play. Children will express themselves imaginatively & creatively. The Lichee Toys Block sets offer self expressive play, using fine motor skills & offering both parallel & solitary play situations. All of the toys are finished with toxic free child safe finishes and only olive oil used to maintain the wood. Products are tested for safety before offering it for sale.

Every kid should have a set of wooden blocks! They love the texture of the wood, They love the open ended play, meaning kids use their imagination and creativity to use the blocks in any way possible through exploration and discovery. and kids are sub-consciously learning about science while they play, physics when constructing a tower, and then the law of gravity when the blocks come tumbling down!. Whether they are homemade or or this natural block set, wooden blocks are a great toy for all ages.

These toys are designed with the philosophy of Rudolf Steiner. Steiner teaches that children should use their imagination and play with natural, earthy toys. Toys made from timber convey texture and warmth to play and bring children in touch with nature. It is important for children to play with toys that are simple and unsophisticated so that their creative impulse is awakened. These early play experiences will reflect later in life in the way that they think and apply themselves. This a valued Steiner process of play and thought.

Thsi wooden block set is suitable for Children 3 Years +

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