masterkidz wooden toys


Learning is fun! Masterkidz is proud to take part

in creating the realm of happy learning for kids.


In 2003, Masterkidz was established as a creative and passionate wooden toy manufacturer committed to bringing playful and educational toys to our children.  Masterkidz believe good toys should encourage creative and imaginative play to our kids in early learning.  Toy safety is as much a concern to us as it is to the parents and teachers. All Masterkidz wooden toys are designed and produced to meet, and more often, exceed the strictest international toy safety standards.   All materials are tested in our in-house laboratory assuring they are toy safe before we will send to the production lines.

To have our kids growing up and learning with fun, Masterkidz are dedicated to creating and making toys that are playful, imaginative, innovative, educational, inspiring and more important safe to our children.

We love our planet.  When we are creating toys, we always make the best use of nature and think about protecting our environment. All Masterkidz wooden toys are eco friendly and sustainably produced by highly skilled craftsmen using sustainable FSC certified European beech, Canadian wood and other eco-friendly materials such as water-based paint, o-zone friendly e-zero glue and recycled packaging materials. Masterkidz have also created ranges of 100% natural wooden toys which are purely made from sustainable European beech and free of paint and other materials.  

Learning is fun!  Masterkidz is proud to take part in creating the realm of happy learning to our kids.