Tiger Tribe Role Play Ice Cream Parlour Set

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3 Years +


The Tiger Tribe Role play Ice Cream Parlour Set is the perfect toy for your summer-loving, dessert-loving child! they are bound to have endless fun with this delightful wooden toy. The colorful, yet simple design is aesthetically pleasing to the eye, which ensures that it will not stick out like a sore thumb in your child's playroom. 

All the pieces fit into the interior of this wooden toy, making this a toy that is easy to store and keep together so that no pieces are lost. The handle makes for easy maneuverability for your child during play time, and for you when it comes to putting this role play toy away. It is easy to check if all the parts are there, and the assembly for play is not complicated. 

Your child can easily pull out all the parts for this role play toy and assemble it for themselves, which teaches them how to put things together. Then they can engage in imaginative play as they create their own ice cream parlor. They have 4 different popsicles and 2 different ice cream cones to use in the set up of their mini parlor.

Role playing has always been a favorite of children for centuries, so why not enhance your child's fun with this Tiger Tribe Role Play Ice Cream Parlour Set? They will be able to exercise their imagination and their creativity, leading into an increased creative capacity. Imagination and creativity are essential components of education and why not start your child on the road to success as early as possible by giving them toys such as this ice cream parlour set in order to get them away from technology and doing hands on play that is highly interactive with other people rather than a screen?

Overall, the Tiger Tribe Role Play Ice Cream Parlour Set is a beautiful wooden toy that your child, male or female, would love to play with! It will keep them engage and interacting with others, in a child's simulation of real life situations, assisting them in learning how to play well with others.

Thsi tiger tribe wooden toy is suitable for children 3 years +

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