Tiger Tribe Role Play Kitchen Set

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Little cooks everywhere will be delighted by the Tiger Tribe Toy Kitchen Set! Compact and travel-friendly, this boxed set will be delight in a box for your budding chef. Every master needs their tools of the trade, their favorite kitchen equipment available to them wherever they go! This kitchen set is also a perfect size for storage, easy to include among vacation items so that your child will be able to cook on the go.

The look of delight on their faces as they play, and the feeling you get when you see your young chef use his or her imagination to cook up an imaginary storm is like no other delight in this world. Watching young children use their imaginations is a fascinating spectacle that can occupy you for hours while your young chef preoccupies him or herself for hours on end with this wooden toy set.

A kitchen set is an essential item for every child's playroom since most, if not all children love to play house. No house is complete without a kitchen! Beautifully designed, this toy contains all the essentials of a kitchen, everything necessary for your child to create whatever they like. After all, toys are a venue for your child to use their imagination.

The simplicity of the design, and the mere fact this is an uncomplicated setup makes this the perfect toy for your child to really enhance their play by filling in details of their own making. This set, including accessories, is made out of wood. Everything in the set is designed to fit within the box, making this a self-containing set of toys so that pieces can always be put back in the right place. It includes a pot and a pan, and four kitchen utensils, along with a shelf that is removable and can be placed within the box for easy clean-up.

There are small parts, so this Tiger Tribe Toy Set is suitable for children ages 3 and up.

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