Tiger Tribe Wooden Emergency Pull Backs Fire Truck

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Introducing Tiger Tribe's Emergency toy Vehicles! Emergency Vehicles are racing to the rescue! Kids will let their imagination zoom with this Wooden Pull Back Fire Truck! With pull-back rear wheels these little vehicles GO. 

Turn on the sirens! There is a fire somewhere! We have to go put it out before the house burns up! Get the hose ready! Come on! Let's spray this fire and get it under control! These are some of the things your child might say when you get this toy for him or her.

Imagine your child getting inspired to do something great with their lives, like become a fireman, their abilities to imagine themselves in those jobs enhanced by the fact you got them toys like these. Children are malleable and easily influenced by their environment. Why not get something that will inspire them to be like the real life heroes that are firemen and police officers?

Little vehicles such as these are great for your child to bring around places so that they are never lacking in a toy to place with, and are actually able to break eye contact with the screens on smartphones and other such devices. It is toys like these what will enhance your child's motor skills, and get them moving so that they forget about the movement and just have fun playing with actual physical objects, rather than just interacting with a screen.

This wooden toy has pullback rear wheels that will make the car go on its own, adding an extra bit of fun to your child's play time.

This toy is suitable for children ages 3 and up.

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