Tiger Tribe Wooden Pull Back Sports Car Blue

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3 Years +


Toy car that pulls back back and go under their own power! Who does not like cars like that? Kids of all ages over 3 years old will be able to enjoy playing with the Wooden Pull Back Sports Car in Blue. It is a fun and simple item, guaranteed to get your child moving and playing for endless fun! Some children will amused by simply running after it and doing it again. As they get older, a curiosity might begin as to why the car can go without any visible power source. They might begin to ask why the car moves after they pull it back, and also how it moves. This toy car will spark an interest, not only in play, but also by feeding the hunger for knowledge that children seem to have.

Their imaginations will zoom along with this toy car as they pretend to use it in a wide variety of settings. The simple design allows the car to become whatever vehicle your child needs at the moment in their play.

The rear wheels are the ones that enable this wooden toy sports car to zoom along, perhaps something that the curious child will discover as they get older and figure out how things work. It is made out of durable wood, making it environmentally friendly. Also, there are no small plastic parts that may break off, unlike most toy cars these days that are made of plastic and metal. This Wooden Toy Car, on the other hand, has much less of a chance of losing a part, making it overall much more safe for your child to use in play.

Overall, the money that you spend on the Tiger Tribe wooden pull back sports car blue will be money well spent on enhancing your child's play and life skills.

This wooden toy car is suitable for children 3 years +

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