Tiger Tribe Wooden Role Play Tool Kit

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  • Tiger Tribe Wooden Role Play Tool Kit
  • Tiger Tribe Wooden Role Play Tool Kit
  • Tiger Tribe Wooden Role Play Tool Kit
  • Tiger Tribe Wooden Role Play Tool Kit
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3 Years +
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WARNING CHOKING HAZARD - Small parts not suitable for children under 3 Years


Mr. Fix-It to the rescue with this Tiger Tribe Wooden Role Play toy tool Kit! Your little ones will be delighted to do what you do around the house to help, be the mini-version of you, teaching him or her the concept of lending a helping hand around the house. Your child's imagination will be let loose with this set as they pretend to be the best handyman in the world. You can watch them develop and grow, their imaginations fueling them. It is always fascinating to watch children's imaginations take flight.

This set contains all the essential tools a child could ever want in order to play the part of handyman. Everything is contained in this set and fits very nicely in the case, making it easy for you and your child to bring this around on trips and vacations. This can soon become your child's favorite toy with the endless possibilities contained within this box. Everything can be packed nicely for easy storage and travel, just like the other box sets that Tiger Tribe makes.

Anything is possible in a child's imagination, so why not give them the tools to build their creativity and imaginations in a very physical way? Your little one will be delighted to have their own version of the tools that you have in your house, and they will want to follow you around and learn how to do things for themselves. Who knows? Perhaps they will become genuinely helpful and handy with real tools one day?

Made out of wood, this toy tool kit is simple yet effective in design, containing all the essential tools of a handyman, plus a surface for your child to play on, connecting boards together, learning how things work. They even have their own shelving to place tools to create their own workshops. Nothing is more adorable than a child at play, letting their imaginations loose to pretend to be anyone and anything they want to be. Encourage your child's imagination by giving them this set!

This woodne toy tool set is for children ages 3 and up due to small parts.

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